A community pharmacy is all about you.

A community pharmacy is all about you.

At Legacy Pharmacy we are your community pharmacists. Our caring staff know our customers by name and are sincerely focused on your healthcare needs. More »

Over 70 percent of Floridians have two or more doctors.

Over 70 percent of Floridians have two or more doctors.

Having more than one doctor increases your chance for drug interactions. At legacy pharmacy we have a program to analyze all your prescriptions and work with your doctors to make sure medications are effective. More »

We make transfer and refills easy.

We make transfer and refills easy.

Our online forms make it convenient for you to refill or transfer or get new prescriptions. More »

Deciding on generic vs. brand?

Deciding on generic vs. brand?

Deciding on generic or brand-name medications? Ask us and well outline the pros-and-cons and save you money in the process. More »

Your one stop shop for medical equipment.

Your one stop shop for medical equipment.

Need a band-aid, brace, or crutches? We offer the most variety and custom fit for medical equipment for your family. More »

My Canadian Pharmacy – Standby Drugstore Since 2003

Who we are?

My Canadian Pharmacy has been serving the Central Florida area as dedicate members of your healthcare team. Our team is focused on giving you one-on-one service to help in your healthcare needs. As a community member we strive to be involved in the community events around us to make Central Florida a better place for everyone.

Personal Service, Caring Pharmacy Team, and the best value your for your healthcare needs are the driving factors on what makes Legacy Pharmacy the right choice for your drug store needs.

We now have two locations, the first on Lake Underhill Road between Rouse and Dean, and the other inside of Bravo Supermarkets in Orange City on Enterprise Road.

Why choose My Canadian Legacy Pharmacy?

At My Canadian Legacy Pharmacy, we are dedicated to quality care in improving patients’ health. As a community pharmacy, we strive to offer personal attention and a personal commitment to listening to the needs of our patients.

Our chief focus is men’s healthcare issues and unpleasant weaknesses that include the following conditions:

  • ED – Erectile Dysfunction;
  • PE – Premature Ejaculation;
  • Inability to become aroused;
  • Anorgasmia;
  • Painful erections;
  • Lack of interest in sex.

All of the above-mentioned issues can easily be eliminated with the help of a regular treatment schedule. Our pharmacy offers numerous drugs for your sexual health as well as basic medications for your general health.

Is it safe to ignore my regular physician?

There’s nothing wrong in a discreet way of ordering of this or that drug in case if you know enough about your present health condition. There’s always a chance to have a consultation with one of our online medical specialists. Share your symptoms and complaints, add more information and reviews about the drugs you already take on a regular basis and don’t forget to mention your chronic health conditions in case if you have them. We’ll help you get the best option to deal with your unpleasant situation.

Video Review about My Legacy Pharmacy

Beat Erectile Dysfunction. Fight Impotence. Forget Premature Ejaculation.

The list of our goods is huge and we offer original and generic medicines to deal with your inconveniences as effectively as it can be. We sell only legal and tested drugs, including:

  • Generic and Brand Viagra. Its aim is to improve the blood flow in the penile vessels relaxing the muscles in certain areas of the body. The most popular ED treatment.
  • Generic and Brand Cialis. These meds are also effective as ED treatments. Besides, physicians prescribe it in case if a patient suffers from benign prostatic hypertrophy.
  • Kamagra (Indian Sildenafil). Has the same active ingredient as Viagra, but helps you get stronger erections and more intensive orgasms. It’s manufactured in India, that’s the reason why it’s a lot cheaper than brand and generic versions of Viagra, Cialis, and
  • Dapoxetine. One of the most demanded PE treatments activating the serotonin levels.
  • Priligy. One more best-selling med for PE. Works well both for young and elderly men. Yes, Priligy will give you a chance to save your sexual life even if you’re in your seventies!
  • Generic Stendra. The med was created on the base of Avanafil to treat impotence in men up to 50 years old. It’s been proved to be very effective and it should be taken with utmost diligence.
  • Avana. Helps to get rid of pulmonary arterial hypertension and promotes greater sexual satisfaction. The walls of the arteria get relaxed and you experience more impressive erections and orgasms as well.
  • Caverta. Sildenafil is the main ingredient of the medication. Produced in Ecuador, India, and Peru. Effective against numerous erection disorders. Also helpful against pulmonary hypertension.
  • Viagra Super Force. One of the most demanded medicines for erectile dysfunction. Basically, its effect is the same as the original Viagra has, but it’s much stronger.
  • Revatio. Perfect for pulmonary arterial hypertension. This med improves your sexual stamina and makes your erections harder and longer.

What does the word “generic” mean?

A generic drug is equivalent to the original brand medicine. They have the same active ingredients in the base and may differ only in inactive ingredients and shape of the pills. The manufacturers of generic meds don’t have to invest in advertising. Nevertheless, they have to deal with official pharmaceutical certification just as the owners of the brands do.

Generics are a lot cheaper than the originals but it doesn’t mean that they are ignored by the government. They are absolutely legal. Meds like these are extremely useful in case if you already have a prescription from your physician and look for the ways to save your money. Don’t be afraid of purchases like these. Our specialists will help you out with the right choice of treatments for PE, ED, sexual malfunctions and general healthcare conditions.

How should I make the right choice?

We deeply care about our patients’ well-being. We are certainly interested in further commercial development. The more satisfied patients we have, the more positive reviews we get. The feedback from numerous clients from all over the world attracts new interested potential customers. We know how to do our work right.

Our medical staff includes medical practitioners, health-care professionals, and pharmacists of various types. They have already had enough experience in treating sexual malfunctions. In both men and women and they’re ready to give you a thoughtful consultation and share sensible advice. The only thing we advise you to do is to be brutally honest about your present health conditions and medications you already take on a regular basis. This will help us pick out the best solution for you.

Our Prescription Possibilities

Our online activity has no significant difference from the one performed by usual pharmacies. We can:

  • Fill a prescription for you. Just take your existing prescription from the physician and contact us via phone or email. We’re ready to supply you with the cheapest and high-quality drugs according to your prescription. We can also help you in case if it’s your first time you get pills online.
  • Refill a prescription. It always works in case if you’re running out of regular meds. Just fill in the form on our website or get in contact with one of our managers for more detailed information. The refills can be delivered when you need it.
  • Transfer a prescription. Any prescription can be transferred. Find our contacts at the bottom of the page for more detailed info on the subject. Our pharmacists and online managers will help you out.

Advantages & Discounts at My Canadian Pharmacy

  • We suggest cheaper and officially approved over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, and branded meds;
  • We offer up to 10% discount to those who use American Express credit cards;
  • Your order can be sent anywhere in USA and Canada. The price may depend on numerous issues – don’t forget to contact one of our online specialists to get rid of any potential misunderstanding while processing with the order.