T-Ject 60: The Most Optimal Combination for Premature Ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction, also known colloquially as impotence, occurs more often than you might expect. It is estimated that about half of all men over 40 will at some point have their experience with this disease. Erectile dysfunction is characterized by the fact that the affected man cannot get an erection or cannot maintain it long enough to have penetrative intercourse. Many men are able to circumvent / combat impotence by changing their lifestyle for the better. Those in whom erectile dysfunction is psychological may benefit from talking to their partner or from solving the problem (stress, work in progress). It is a common scene for men suffering from ED to also experience premature ejaculation (PE) as a compensatory mechanism to balance off the shortcomings with the erectile mechanism. Men who suffer from physical ED and PE may be able to use certain medications if lifestyle changes have not produced the desired results.

T-Ject 60 / Todapox
t-ject 10 pills 20 mg
$92.99 per
t-ject 30 pills 20 mg
$251.99 per
t-ject 60 pills 20 mg
$458.99 per
Therapeutic area: Erectile Dysfunction
Active substance: (Tadalafil and Dapoxetine)
Effect Duration: 8-10 hours

What Is T-Ject 60?

T-Ject 60 is an oral drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) aggravated by premature ejaculation (PE). ED can have many causes. Often, impotence can also have physical causes. Since erectile dysfunction is often related to blood flow, impotence occurs more often (but not exclusively) in older men. As men approach middle age, they also increase the risk of high blood pressure and other blood flow disorders. This can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Also, the lifestyle led by those affected can be one of the causes of impotence. Men who smoke, consume excessive alcohol, and do not exercise enough, are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who lead a healthy lifestyle (who do not smoke, use alcohol only to a limited extent, eat healthy, and exercise regularly).

However, some cases are psychologically conditioned; many men suffer from pressure to perform or even stress. Also, it may be that many men are distracted; for example, personal problems or problems at work. This can affect their performance during intercourse and contribute to erectile dysfunction. ED can also become a vicious circle; Fear of not getting an erection makes it harder to actually have an erection. This fear in its turn can trigger another condition – premature ejaculation. T-Ject 60 is a unique medication that addresses both conditions with equal efficacy, since it contains tadalafil used to treat ED and dapoxetine, the first oral medication used to eliminate the symptoms of PE.

Due to the private nature of this complaint and the fact that sexual preferences vary from couple to couple, it can be difficult to definitively diagnose the presence of premature ejaculation. It is normal and unproblematic in many respects that the man ejaculates before his partner reaches the climax. However, if the man ejaculates as good as ever within 2 minutes of penetration, this can be described as premature ejaculation. Although it does not sound serious, this problem can lead to difficulties in a relationship and cause sexual dissatisfaction. Thanks to the content of tadalafil and dapoxetine, T-Ject 60 helps to eliminate the symptoms of both sexual disorders for the period of 36 hours.

About The Unique Ingredients In T-Ject 60

Dapoxetine is an oral agent that treats premature ejaculation. It is the only tablet drug on the market specifically designed for this purpose. It is easy to use tablet, specially designed for the treatment of premature ejaculation allowing for longer sexual intercourse. The second active ingredient in T-Ject 60 is a drug called dapoxetine. This is known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). This type of medicine is widely used to treat depression, but dapoxetine is the first prescription drug developed exclusively for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Sex culminates in a man’s body after a series of chemical reactions in response to sexual arousal. These chemical reactions facilitate the transmission of signals in the nervous system, causing a man to have orgasm and ejaculation. By managing the activity of the chemicals during this process, dapoxetine allows the user to have better control over when he ejaculates and also allows him to have longer penetrative intercourse. T-Ject 60 contains dapoxetine, an agent that belongs to the category of so-called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs. This type of medicine is also widely used in the treatment of depression, but dapoxetine is the first oral drug created to treat premature ejaculation.

The Impact Of Dapoxetine On A Sexual Act

Premature ejaculation is divided into two categories: primary and secondary. The possible causes may vary on a case-by-case basis, depending on which category the case belongs to. Primary premature ejaculation is consistently present from an early age and is also referred to as ‘lifelong’ premature ejaculation. It is believed that this form may arise in an individual due to psychological factors, such as an early imprint; for example, a person may have trained himself at a young age, while ejaculating the masturbation quickly so as not to get caught. Another psychological factor can be the education of a person.

Secondary premature ejaculation is usually ‘acquired’ and develops in a person’s adult life. It can be caused by a condition, such as a prostate ache or hypertension. The reason can also be psychological. For example, when a man starts a new sexual relationship, emotional pressure to perform may cause him to prematurely ejaculate. Stress or disruptive influences that are not related to the act can also be the cause.

When a man is having sex, the brain releases the chemicals in response to the feeling of sexual arousal. One of these chemicals, serotonin, manages the transport of pleasure signals throughout the body. These signals are responsible for triggering orgasm, which leads to ejaculation in men. In the case of premature ejaculation, this process can be completed in an extremely short time, even before a couple is ready. Dapoxetine works to increase serotonin activity at a specific site in the nervous system. So the treatment allows the user to better control his ejaculation, enabling him to have longer lasting sexual act.

Is T-Ject 60 Equally Suitable For Everyone?

Do not use T-Ject 60 in conjunction with or for a period of 14 days of: any other antidepressants (such as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)), thioridazine, lithium, medications used to treat bipolar disorder, linezolid, tryptophan, St. John’s Wort, migraine pain medication or Tramadol, treatments for fungal infections (eg ketoconazole and itraconazole), ritonavir, saquinavir, nelfinavir, atazanavir or other medicines for the treatment of HIV, certain types of antibiotics (such as telithromycin) or nefazodone.

During your consultation, tell your doctor if you are taking any of the following: other, non-depression related mental health care, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, blood thinning medicine, erectile dysfunction treatment, high blood pressure or enlarged prostate, HIV treatment (such as Amprenavir and fosamprenavir), antibiotics such as erythromycin and clarithromycin or aprepitant.

Always tell your doctor your full medical history before taking this medicine. T-Ject 60 may not be suitable for you if you meet or have met any of the following: erectile dysfunction, a disease that causes episodes of dizziness or low blood pressure, a history of drug use, a history of alcohol use, a mental health problem, epilepsy, all blood disorders, kidney problems, high pressure in the eye (glaucoma).

T-Ject 60 should not be taken by women. It is better to wait and see if the drug causes you side effects. For example, some users may experience dizziness or tiredness. Do not drink alcohol if you have taken this medicine as it may increase the risk of side effects. T-Ject 60 contains lactose. If you have intolerance to certain sugars, you should tell your doctor before taking this medicine.

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