Shipping and Delivery Steps in My Canadian Pharmacy

We go all lengths to organize the drug delivery in Canada and the U.S. on the day of placing the order! My Canadian Legacy Pharmacy will make sure to deliver the following products at home, at work and in the hospital:

  • drugs and biologically active substances;
  • medical devices;
  • hygiene products;
  • medical cosmetics;
  • ED pills.

Please, note! Our pharmacy does not distribute Rx drugs without a copy of doctor’s prescription, as well as medications that refer to narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs and their derivatives by the FDA. Orders for delivery are accepted by means of a website basket. If there are no questions on your order in the assembly department, SMS is sent to you for confirming that order collection is being processed. You can call our specialist as well and ask all questions of interest; you can also place an order with the operator working 24/7. Prices are linked exclusively to the website.

Orders are shipped to a day!

Orders that you place after 6.00 PM are delivered the next day. International economy shipment is delivered within 3-5 business days, whereas international business shipments will be at your location within 1-3 business days. Shopping basket on My Canadian Pharmacy website or our phone operators will recommend you delivery intervals and shipping modes. You choose the date and time. Time intervals may vary depending on the workload of the delivery service. In winter, delivery intervals may be extended.

One order is no more than 18 items or no more than 5 kg weight. A larger number increases the number of orders, and hence the cost of delivery. All medicines are delivered in sealed packages to guarantee the safety and anonymity of your order. Each order is accompanied by an invoice and a receipt. You need to check your order with the courier and compare it with the invoice and receipt.

For many people buying goods with delivery, it is almost the only way to make purchases comfortably. In the health sector, drug delivery is also gaining momentum. Moreover, door to door delivery of medications is sometimes the only way to buy a necessary medicine. For example, a person is in a hospital and there is no way to purchase a drug from an offline pharmacy. In this case, he or she needs urgent DDP shipment. Drug delivery is always convenient for mothers with small children, people with limited mobility or very busy people.

Drug delivery benefits:

  • There is no need to go to pharmacies in search of the right drug.
  • Delivery at any convenient time and place.
  • Delivery of any quantity of drugs.

How can I order drug delivery at My Canadian Pharmacy?

Please see this page about ordering process: