History Of My Canadian Pharmacy: The Most Popular Drug Service Milestones

We are here because you need us…

Welcome to My Canadian Pharmacy, a safe space for purchasing medications. Don’t worry. Be relaxed. Finally, you have reached your refill station. We exist from 2003, and we spent all the years from the begging until now developing our services.

Years before My Canadian Pharmacy Brand

Our company appeared as early as in the 90s of the 20th century as a small Toronto based private business to serve a few US medical facilities in Orlando, Florida. We did not promote our services. We worked by phone orders of our US partners and co-founders. We had to meet a legion of the requirements of the US legislation and underwent numerous procedures of approval by the FDA, meticulous and often protracted. In those early years, we had learned how to select the manufactures carefully and how to check the quality of medications in order to avoid disapproval. At the same time, we realized how many people in the USA are in need of cheaper medications, evaluated how we can help them and, thus, My Canadian Pharmacy got a start in 2003.

Early Development

At first, we meant only the US citizens as our customers and had chosen just a few categories of drugs for distribution. They were Men’s Health medications, mostly to help men with erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems, and lifestyle products, including medicines and supplements for weight management, hair loss, and also some hygiene products.

At that time, not many drugstores were on the Internet and it took time for people to get used to the very idea of buying drugs online. We were guided by the idea that only high-quality service can help us to succeed. That is why we continuously developed our Quality Control, looked for the best delivery solutions, and worked to improve our website.

New Challenges

After a decade of successful work, we faced new challenges. The first one was a mushroom growth of new online pharmacies, many of which were rogue. Another problem was increased Internet fraud and scams, and numerous cases of stealing money online.

In 2014, My Canadian Pharmacy implemented new secure payments protected by DMCA, which allows us to ensure minimum risks for our customers when ordering medications in our online shop. As to the growing competition, we just held to our policy of quality service and developed a flexible discount system for our regular customers. Another solution was expanding our business worldwide and increasing the range of medications we sell, which allowed us to decrease prices as well, due to greater volumes.

The Recent Years

One more passion of our team is health education. In 2017, we started publishing a series of articles on medical topics, including news of the industry. In our News section, you can find useful tips on how to save your money or get rid of scamming when buying online. Also, you have to check the section Researches and Reviews for updates if you wish to have the latest reviews and tips.

In recent years, we significantly increased the number of categories of medicines we sell. Now, not only men’s health drugs are available but you also can browse our website for antibiotics, sleep aids, anti-diabetic drugs, hormones, and others. We strive to be your A-Z pharmacy where you can safely buy all that you need.

Our Future

In 2019-2021, we are planning to focus more on our customer needs. We know that we are completely dependent on you, and we are going to improve customer service by giving you a more specialized service. We already have 24/7 Live Chat support, but our plans are to provide a 24-hours consultative service. In the following two years, we hope to have a nutrition specialist and sexologist in our team to give you professional consultations on your condition and to be your guide to healthy living. We are also going to implement an online prescription service before 2021, though it involves quite a complicated approval process and may take some time. So, please check for our updates on the matter.

Be safe. Be easy. Stay with Us

The team of our company is always on guard of your interests. We are proud that years of hard work made our brand recognizable worldwide and now we do not need to explain who we are. We are your trusted pharmacy in Canada, and that’s it!