Drug Compounding On Demand

There is a clear upward trend in the number of pharmacies manufacturing drugs in the My Canadian Legacy Pharmacy also offers such service. Compounding is quite popular with doctors which is explained by several circumstances. Preparations manufactured in a pharmacy differ from the ones produced at the factory. They are more effective when you consider that they are prescribed by a doctor and manufactured by a pharmacist taking into account individual characteristics of a patient, and are of higher quality because it is possible to establish when, by whom and how each capsule or solution was produced. In industrial production, control is carried out in series, and each tablet, capsule or solution is never controlled. Finally, compounding is much safer, because the level of training and responsibility of Legacy Pharmacy’s specialists who have direct contact with a patient and a physician is very high.

If treatment with industrial preparations is ineffective, any patient has the right to choose other medicines, including those ones manufactured at our pharmacy. This also happens if the necessary dosage forms are missing (for example, tablets are available, and solution or ointment is needed to treat skin) or when a patient is skeptical about large pharmaceutical industries and believes that treatment is an art, but not a technological process. The main advantage of Legacy Pharmacy compounding is the fact that it is an alternative to treatment according to health standards. Mankind has not invented and will never come up with both an absolute medicine and an absolute method of treatment. The success treatment is primarily related to the qualifications and performance of a doctor, his contact with a patient and a pharmacist. Healing is the art of recognizing the cause of a disease and creating combination of pharmaceuticals to remove it. It is precisely the art of healing that is absent from the currently accepted concept of medical care according to the standards of treatment.

In the individual approach to treatment, a Canadian Legacy Pharmacy specialist plays an important role. He is the one who is able to provide a doctor with qualified consulting assistance in the selection of drugs, combining their properties and designing a dosage form. It is worth mentioning that manufactured drug is always cheaper, because it does not contain components of patent loads, marketing, advertising, logistics chains.

At our pharmacy, we have special equipment for packaging powders in capsules, ointments in tubes, containers and labels for extemporal manufacturing. Moreover, the quality and appearance of packaging are superior to industrial analogues. Our recipes consist of several hundred items. They are based on the most modern substances and the latest scientific data on pharmacological compatibility. A prime example is the manufacture of oral contraceptives in pharmacies. The body of a woman is individual, and their efficacy and safety depend on the combination of male and female estrogens as part of the drugs of this class. Only under the guidance of a doctor, a pharmacist creates an individual drug devoid of side-effects by means of changing the ratio of ingredients.

We produces a whole range of drugs, ranging from pediatric or dermatological practice to medicines for oncological diseases and even for victims of terrorist acts. The pharmacy produces drops, as well as a variety of solutions, ointments, injections, medicinal decoctions and much more. A drug is made according to the prescription of a doctor who prescribes it taking into account all features of the patient. The preparation of medicines should take place in a specially equipped assistant room. Usually, a long table is placed in the center, at which a technologist presides and uses help of his assistants. They can consult on any issues related to the manufacture of drugs. For example, regarding the form of the drug, as well as the dosages of the necessary components.

All potent and toxic substances are released only if there is a technologist’s list. He is also responsible for maintaining the reporting documentation of the production process and checks the quality of manufacturing products. He must make sure that all stages of production have been observed so that the drug is safe for the client and has the desired effect. Also, extemporal formulation requires regular oral questions to ensure the level of knowledge of assistants. For example, the technologist may name one component of the drug, and the assistant must list the rest. To remove restrictions, it is allowed to prepare only prescriptions approved by the FDA, either from substances or from tablets. This eliminates the mistakes of a doctor or a practitioner pharmacist.

We have developed and approved a uniform prescription directory and technologies for obtaining drugs from substances or tablets. To sum up, the main advantage of compounding is that a doctor constructs and prescribes it. He believes in its effectiveness. The faith of a doctor is transferred to a patient, and this is the most important for his or her recovery. Preparation of drugs directly in My Canadian Pharmacy is the ability to determine an optimal dosage for each person, taking into account the characteristics of his or her illness and body. This makes treatment as effective and safe as possible. This is especially important if a person has contraindications to the use of finished products (allergies, cardiac problems and other health issues).