Medical Equipment From Reliable Suppliers

My Canadian Pharmacy is a well-known supplier that offers the best medical and laboratory equipment in Central Florida & Canada, Toronto: ultrasound equipment, x-ray machines, homographs, mammographs, surgical lasers, electrocardiographs and lithotripters, angiographs, systems of motor pathologies analysis, equipment for laboratories, analyzers and blood collection systems, medical instruments, reagents and consumables from leading global and U.S. manufacturers. The range of the catalog contains all the necessary medical equipment that allows you to comprehensively equip healthcare institutions of any profile. The model range and the nomenclature are constantly replenished with new positions, among which there are disinfectants, dressings, furniture, surgical instruments, smoke evacuators, devices for ultrasound, consumables, components and much more.

The main directions of our activity:

  • sale of laboratory equipment;
  • sale of medical equipment;
  • distribution of consumables and reagents;
  • repair of medical equipment (services).

Our company specializes in complex and one-time supplies of medical equipment. High professional level of our specialists will allow you not only to buy medical equipment, but also to receive advisory and practical help on all your questions. Cooperation with our company is a full range of services, which includes:

  • complex equipment of medical institutions of any profile;
  • equipment supplies in accordance with customer requests;
  • service, warranty and post-warranty support.

The fundamental principle of our work is building and maintaining long-term partnerships with our customers. The supplied laboratory equipment allows our customers to ensure the reliability of the results of the tests performed and is the most important link in modern diagnostics. Among the supplies, there is a wide range of modern equipment for laboratories, including analyzers, microscopes, shakers and vortexes, blood sampling systems:

  • biochemical analyzer;
  • hematology analyzer;
  • homeostasis analyzer (coagulometer);
  • urine analyzer;
  • semen analyzer;
  • glucose analyzer.

Like many well-known laboratory equipment suppliers, our pharmacy supplies include not only equipment, but also high-quality reagents. Reagents for biochemistry are represented by products of famous manufacturers.

Modern diagnostics is based on non-invasive examination methods, which are provided by the following devices:

  • X-ray apparatus (tomography, mammography, osteodensitometry, etc.);
  • endoscopes (bronchofiberscopy, gastrofibroscopy, etc.);
  • ultrasound scanners (ultrasound machines);
  • functional diagnostic devices (encephalograph, electrocardiograph, etc.).

All these devices are widely represented in the assortment of My Canadian Pharmacy, including such innovative solutions as video endoscope and resonant tomography. At the same time, our company does not deviate from its basic principle by offering medical equipment only from the best manufacturers.

Very often health and patient’s life depend on the reliability and functionality of medical devices such as endoscope, laryngoscope, defibrillator, ventilators (medical ventilators), defibrillator-electrocardiograph, therefore our company supplies high-quality products from leading world and national manufacturers.

We supply the best medical equipment in the domestic market, while providing:

  • optimal ratio of the quality of equipment supplied and prices;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • perfect fulfillment of contractual obligations;
  • flexible payment system.

Medical supplies are an important line of sales for Rx Legacy Pharmacy. Medical equipment distribution is not limited to equipment: you can purchase any medical consumables necessary to support medical processes from us, including such items as disposable underwear and sterile kits, disposable clothes, paper for medical devices (electrocardiograph paper, paper for ultrasound and video printers), X-ray and fluorographic film, gel for ultrasound, gel for electrocardiography, electrodes. The equipment that provides air disinfection in the room is also available.

Our company is the largest supplier of medical equipment in the U.S., most fully satisfying the needs of medical institutions of various profiles. Medical equipment purchased at our online pharmacy is a guarantee of the highest quality and reliability supported by the impeccable reputation of the manufacturers and our own credit as a supplier. By working with proven manufacturers, over the years of our existence, our pharmacy has gained a reputation as a responsible partner. The level of requirements for the quality of goods is so high that it absolutely guarantees the duration of their operation and full compliance with all technical standards. From the company’s warehouses, medical equipment is supplied with exclusive models, which have no analogues in the world.

Altogether with a number of transport enterprises, we realize the possibility of prompt delivery of the ordered medical equipment throughout the U.S. Those who are interested in cooperation, ordering, prices, organization of events can apply to the specialists of My Canadian Pharmacy who have a decent level of qualification and volume of specialized knowledge. Our employees regularly conduct master classes and staff training on the basics of working on ready-made equipment.