Over 70 percent of Floridians have two or more doctors

A recent research has found out that a vast number of Florida residents use services of two and more healthcare providers simultaneously. Most often Floridians combine services of physicians and narrow specialists like dentists, gynecologists and sexual health doctors, physiotherapists and other specialists.

Key benefits of such approach is getting comprehensive healthcare information, listening to multiple opinions of various specialists and timely treatment of all conditions and diseases.

Over 70 percent of Floridians have two or more doctors

However, getting prescriptions from two and more doctors and take several medications at once may not be completely safe. Usually drug interactions are listed in the instructions that you get after purchasing the drug in a pharmacy or online drugstore. Nevertheless, in some cases in may not be completely clear for people with no special medical education: sometimes we fail to relate active substances to brand names and vice versa. It may lead to uncontrolled medication intake and dangerous combinations.

How to avoid unhealthy or dangerous drug combinations?

After you get meds prescribed and before ordering them at any online pharmacy it is better to consult specialists online and specify all medications, supplements and herbs you are take regularly or had been taking up to 2 weeks prior to consultation. This is very important as when ignored drug combinations may decrease the efficacy of each, cause allergic reactions and may lead to even more serious consequences. We recommend that you stayed well-informed and very attentive to your health!

At our legacy pharmacy we have a unique program implemented. It analyzes all your existing prescriptions and contact your doctors to make sure the combination of drugs is safe and effective.

For example, if you are ordering erectile dysfunction medications, it is especially important to pay attention to other group of drugs, such as: nitrates or “poppers” prescribed for people with cardiovascular diseases, drugs intended to treat chronic diseases (kidney, liver and other diseases), as well as anything you can remember. Antibiotics should not be combined with a certain number of other drugs, with alcohol and so on.

It’s a great idea to make use of various healthcare services from different providers, especially, when such consultations are covered by your insurance. However, try to be cautious and rational: always carefully read instructions before using any medications and shop at our pharmacy to be sure you avoid dangerous drug interactions, get high-quality meds that have undergone several clinical studies in different countries.

We deliver exceptional care of our customers and do our best to make your online pharmacy shopping fast, safe and effective! Visit My Canadian Legacy Pharmacy website for more information on: electronic algorithm for prescription analysis, drug variety in stock, delivery terms, special offers and discounts, information about treatment results, drug interactions and possible side effects.

My Canadian Pharmacy: Your one-stop shop for medical equipment

Need medical equipment for a reasonable price? Now you don’t have to search for special medical shops and surf the Net trying to find necessary items. My Canadian Pharmacy offers a large variety of medical stuff from the most well-established manufacturers.

Legacy Pharmacy Your one-stop shop for medical equipment

Why quality matters?

The quality of medical help depends on many factors, including the doctor’s skills and the facilities used. The better equipment is used, the better patients will be served. New apparatus allow for more detailed diagnostics and safer treatment. Everything matters, starting from the band-aids and finishing by surgery instruments.

Canadian Legacy Pharmacy strives to provide an exceptional quality of medical equipment: we partner with tried and trusted companies that produce high-tech devices and top-notch instruments of the safest materials. All production is certified, and documents can be provided at the customer’s request.

You can be sure that no counterfeit production is sold – we control every manufacturer and batch delivered. Besides, our assortment is regularly renewed to provide the most advanced technologies to our customers.

Enjoy a large variety of products

Whatever you need – brace, crutches, medical uniform, band-aids, stethoscope – we have it all. In Legacy Pharmacy online shop, both patients and doctors can find suitable items for reasonable prices. We always extend the availability range and make sure that custom fit medical equipment is always available for our buyers.

On our website, you can find:

  1. Medical clothes and uniform. Different sizes and colors are available.
  2. Equipment for diagnostics.
  3. Devices for treatment and prophylactics.
  4. Accessories, stuff for treatment, and so much more.

Our Pharmacy is the place where you can find the necessary medical equipment for the entire family and make purchases in a couple of clicks. We guarantee a wide choice, low prices, and convenient shopping.

Generic vs. Brand: What To Choose?

Still cannot decide whether generic drugs are worth buying? What is better – brand medications or cheaper analogs? My Canadian Legacy Pharmacy is here to answer your questions.

Generic vs. brand

What is a generic drug?

First and foremost, you should understand what generic drugs are. While brand medications are produced by some certain manufacturer, other companies can get the license to make the same drugs with the same contents but with another name. Such drugs are called generics. They have the same active ingredient, which means the same effects and reactions. However, their price is usually 20-40% lower than of the original drugs – buyers don’t have to overpay for the brand.

Thus, generic is a copy of brand medication that consists of the same active ingredients but can be produced in different forms and dosages. Many generic drugs are sold in large packages of 60 or 100 pills, which makes them cheaper.

Why do people doubt?

A lot of people are discouraged from buying generics because they think it’s a counterfeit production. Just like original medications, generics can appear to be fake- it’s a fact. However, having a blister pf pills with brand log on it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got original production: brand medications are faked up much more often. That’s why healthcare products and pills should be bought in reliable drugstores only.

Pros and cons of generic drugs

Here’s what you should consider when making choice:



Generic medications cost 20-40% lower than their original prototypes Generics can appear to be counterfeit production if you purchase them on unreliable websites
Typically, more dosages and variations of one drug are available In comparison with brand medications, generics are mostly sold online – they aren’t present in brick-and-mortar pharmacies
Generic drugs have the same effect as the original – they don’t differ by contents
Some generic drugs don’t require a prescription to be bought

Where can I buy generic drugs?

As it has been mentioned, most generics can be bought in online pharmacies only. Usual drugstores sell brand medications and don’t hurry to include cheaper alternatives in their assortment.

Luckily, the number of websites that offer generics is huge. Pay particular attention to Canadian drugstores – they are regulated by Canadian law, which means no counterfeit production is sold since the companies have a strict control over the quality of production realized.

Legacy Pharmacy is one of the most well-established drugstores that offer high-quality generic medications. It features a wide choice of products, boasts low prices and fast delivery.

Warnings & tips

Before you rush to order generic drugs, please, note:

  1. Even if some medications are sold without a prescription, it’s always better to consult with a doctor and ask whether you need such a drug, and what the optimal dosage is.
  2. If the dosage of original medication wasn’t suitable for you, there’s a chance that a generic is present in different forms and dosages.
  3. Large packs of 60, 90 or 100 pills are usually way cheaper than small ones.

Generic drugs are the smartest way to save on medication expenses without affecting your health and well-being. This is a great alternative to brand drugs – you just need to know where to make purchases.

Convenient System of Refills at My Canadian Pharmacy

Did you know that Legacy Pharmacy is the only My Canadian Pharmacy that offers a free system of refills for all customers? It means that transfers and refills of your prescribed medications can be done easily, without any limitations. It is possible to order the regular weekly or monthly refills of the most required pills with the quick and even free delivery straight to your home.

Our caring staff may also provide the service of giving new prescriptions. Yes, you can forget about going to your doctor over and over again to get the prescription for your required monthly pills. We refill and prolong your prescription. Scan it and send to your personal manager to get a new prescription for any medical products from our catalogue. Or you may replace branded prescribed drugs with generic analogues. It’s up to you to decide.

Convenient System of Refills at Legacy Pharmacy

Why should you order refills from our online Canadian pharmacy?

No queues and long waiting for the goods. At any time convenient for you, you can easily visit this resource, comfortably seated in a chair. You just make out the order of drugs, and the courier delivers them to your destination easily. If you are physically out of time or feel unwell, then this is truly a great solution.

In addition, in online pharmacies, prices are quite low, because there is no need to spend money on renting premises, warehouses, or maintain a huge staff, including sellers. The reduction of such funds for the maintenance of a real pharmacy allows the owner to set lower prices for medicines than those of competitors.

Also, here the choice of drugs is many times greater and this can be said about both pharmaceutical preparations and other goods, such as cosmetics or hygiene products. In addition, if you choose a product, you can carefully study all the details of the instructions for use, its description, the composition of the substances that it has and their side effects, think about your decision without haste and fuss. And in a regular pharmacy, you will not have such an opportunity, as a result, you will not get around the extra costs.

The privacy policy is also encouraging, as some drugs are associated with the treatment of intimate problems and it is not always convenient for a pharmacist to talk about them. Here you can avoid such discomfort, analyze expert reviews, study all the details and compare prices before purchasing. No hassle! Check the quality of our medical products.

Thus, if you have a fever, you are busy at work, caring for a small child or an elderly person, or for some other reason are not able to spend time searching for medicines and then choose an online community pharmacy.

What medications you can order with regular refills?

On the pages of our online drugstore of medicines, medical products and healthcare accessories, you can choose the right drugs for different purposes from this area. The ordering procedure is so simple that even far from modern technologies can easily cope with it. It often happens that doctors prescribe expensive drugs of foreign manufacture, while domestic pharmacology offers excellent analogues with exactly the same active ingredient.

Thus, it’s possible to significantly reduce the cost of treatment without compromising its effectiveness. A store consultant on the website or by phone takes into account such nuances – contact him if you want to reduce the amount of payment with the help of medical preparations analogues.

Our online pharmacy offers the refills for all categories of drugs on our website:

  • antibiotics;
  • antiseptics;
  • antihistamines;
  • vitamins;
  • various medical products for ARVI, flu and cough;
  • homeopathic ointments, drops and tablets;
  • drugs for diabetics;
  • anti-asthmatic drugs;
  • medications for men’s health and women’s health;
  • medications control and normalize conditions in cardiovascular diseases;
  • medical accessories;
  • remedies for headache and other types of pain.

You may also get a free consultation or order the necessary for refills drugs via the mobile app. We want to help you get necessary medical products any way possible. Make sure to contact us by phone or email, if you have any problems with ordering your refills, with or without prescription. We work 24/7 especially for you!

Advantages Of Our Community Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Legacy Pharmacy offers the unprecedented services of an online community pharmacy. It means that all our customers can get free individual consultations from an expert and caring staff. You may expect to have our online community to take care of your health whenever you need this.

3 main reasons to use the services of our Community Canadian Pharmacy

There are so many advantages of online community pharmacies:

  1. Prices and discounts are very good!

Buy medications with refills at the lowest prices, thanks to the shared discounts within the community. Our customers get an opportunity to choose a product cheaper among several pharmacies. For example, My Canadian Pharmacy is the first community pharmacy in Canada that offers to buy medications online with the most competitive prices at the market. Our pharmacy offers for sale high-quality generics of many drugs.

  1. Detailed guides in articles and given by phone

Also on the websites of online pharmacies can be found with the instructions of how to use every drug from our online catalogue. In addition, it is possible to find an analogue of the medicine you are interested in that will not yield to the original in price. By purchasing drugs from our online drugstore, an Internet pharmacy by mail will deliver them all over the United States and Canada in a short period, and the delivery straight to your home is done on the same day or in a few days when the medicine is ordered.

  1. Save your time!

You save your time when buying regular drugs without standing in a line with sick people. Roaming around several pharmacies in search of the right drug at an affordable price takes a lot of time and effort. When you purchase drugs from our community pharmacy, you do not need to waste precious time, since the purchase of medicines takes about 10-15 minutes. In addition, the chosen medication can be out of stock in a pharmacy due to its deficiency. Via our online community pharmacy you can order any drugs within several days, and maybe even hours it will be delivered to the specified address.

By the way, home delivery is another plus online pharmacy. When buying drugs online you may stay at home and receive the delivery right to your front door. Fortunately, our online pharmacy provides the service of overnight delivery, throughout the United States and Canada.

Why online community pharmacies are better than regular drugstores?

When there is a need for any medical product most people immediately go to the pharmacy closest to their home. That’s why many local drugstores do not have a lack of customers and do not improve their problems like ignorant staff and poor quality of offered drugs. They expect that without any very serious violations, it is unlikely that people will look for pharmacies located far from their homes.

On the other hand, online community pharmacies are constantly working on their development, expanding the catalogue of branded and generic pills. Our staff also ensures that their prices correspond to the current state of the market. It is more comfortable and convenient for a customer to place an order on a website, the faster and more thoughtful delivery is, and, most likely, he or she will come back again. Community online pharmacies really take care of every customer.

Regular pharmacy can be compared with a store, and online community pharmacy – with a supermarket.

  • Firstly, forget about standing in stuffed and narrow rooms where there are crowds of sick people, without a chance to examine the medical products you are going to buy.
  • Secondly, it is not necessary to communicate with the sellers (pharmacists) when you want to make a choice on your own.
  • Thirdly, but what is also very important – the whole assortment of our online pharmacy is always on stock.

And mostly important — our community online pharmacy really takes care of your needs because we are interested in making your healthier and have the best reputation in the business so you could advise our services to friends, family and colleagues!

Legacy Pharmacy offering the convenience of in store pick-up or home delivery.