Convenient System of Refills at My Canadian Pharmacy

Did you know that Legacy Pharmacy is the only My Canadian Pharmacy that offers a free system of refills for all customers? It means that transfers and refills of your prescribed medications can be done easily, without any limitations. It is possible to order the regular weekly or monthly refills of the most required pills with the quick and even free delivery straight to your home.

Our caring staff may also provide the service of giving new prescriptions. Yes, you can forget about going to your doctor over and over again to get the prescription for your required monthly pills. We refill and prolong your prescription. Scan it and send to your personal manager to get a new prescription for any medical products from our catalogue. Or you may replace branded prescribed drugs with generic analogues. It’s up to you to decide.

Convenient System of Refills at Legacy Pharmacy

Why should you order refills from our online Canadian pharmacy?

No queues and long waiting for the goods. At any time convenient for you, you can easily visit this resource, comfortably seated in a chair. You just make out the order of drugs, and the courier delivers them to your destination easily. If you are physically out of time or feel unwell, then this is truly a great solution.

In addition, in online pharmacies, prices are quite low, because there is no need to spend money on renting premises, warehouses, or maintain a huge staff, including sellers. The reduction of such funds for the maintenance of a real pharmacy allows the owner to set lower prices for medicines than those of competitors.

Also, here the choice of drugs is many times greater and this can be said about both pharmaceutical preparations and other goods, such as cosmetics or hygiene products. In addition, if you choose a product, you can carefully study all the details of the instructions for use, its description, the composition of the substances that it has and their side effects, think about your decision without haste and fuss. And in a regular pharmacy, you will not have such an opportunity, as a result, you will not get around the extra costs.

The privacy policy is also encouraging, as some drugs are associated with the treatment of intimate problems and it is not always convenient for a pharmacist to talk about them. Here you can avoid such discomfort, analyze expert reviews, study all the details and compare prices before purchasing. No hassle! Check the quality of our medical products.

Thus, if you have a fever, you are busy at work, caring for a small child or an elderly person, or for some other reason are not able to spend time searching for medicines and then choose an online community pharmacy.

What medications you can order with regular refills?

On the pages of our online drugstore of medicines, medical products and healthcare accessories, you can choose the right drugs for different purposes from this area. The ordering procedure is so simple that even far from modern technologies can easily cope with it. It often happens that doctors prescribe expensive drugs of foreign manufacture, while domestic pharmacology offers excellent analogues with exactly the same active ingredient.

Thus, it’s possible to significantly reduce the cost of treatment without compromising its effectiveness. A store consultant on the website or by phone takes into account such nuances – contact him if you want to reduce the amount of payment with the help of medical preparations analogues.

Our online pharmacy offers the refills for all categories of drugs on our website:

  • antibiotics;
  • antiseptics;
  • antihistamines;
  • vitamins;
  • various medical products for ARVI, flu and cough;
  • homeopathic ointments, drops and tablets;
  • drugs for diabetics;
  • anti-asthmatic drugs;
  • medications for men’s health and women’s health;
  • medications control and normalize conditions in cardiovascular diseases;
  • medical accessories;
  • remedies for headache and other types of pain.

You may also get a free consultation or order the necessary for refills drugs via the mobile app. We want to help you get necessary medical products any way possible. Make sure to contact us by phone or email, if you have any problems with ordering your refills, with or without prescription. We work 24/7 especially for you!

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