My Canadian Pharmacy: Goals & Benefits

My Canadian Pharmacy is a community pharmacy in Central Florida that covers the retail trade of medicines, medical products, and health and beauty products with more than 10 years of history. The company’s portfolio of retail and business brands includes global brands for health and beauty products.

Our pharmacy has a 40-hour working week. Our pharmacists are personally responsible for the proper dispensing of medicines and feeding all required information into a computer. We make sure to answer all the questions of interest regarding the prescribed remedies and, if possible, to assess the risk of adverse interactions of some medications. Our employees are devoted to their occupation: they listen carefully and advise customers, including by telephone, with sincere participation and concern about each treatment. We offer our customers the most advantageous combination of price, choice, service and affordability.

The responsibilities of My Canadian Legacy Pharmacy include selling or preparing medicines, advising patients about ways to take prescription and non-prescription drugs, and informing patients about general health issues: diet, exercise, stress management. Our pharmacists also consult clients on the use of durable medical equipment and patient care products. Moreover, our pharmacy often fills out various medical forms, insurance certificates, and other official documents. We are able to provide additional services, such as special care for patients with asthma, diabetes or hypertension. In this case, pharmacists are additionally trained to inoculate and inject.

Our responsibilities also involve preparation of drugs and sterile solutions for intravenous administration. If required, we perform individual patient consultations and drug treatment planning. Our consultants specialize in a narrow field, such as oncology, cardiology, the field of infectious diseases or intravenous nutrition, nuclear pharmaceuticals (used in chemotherapy), geriatric or psychiatric pharmaceuticals. In most cases, pharmacists keep computerized records of drug prescriptions for each patient. This allows you to better control the treatment process and avoid side-effects, errors and overdose.

We have a pronounced centralization of the wholesale pharmaceutical unit. The price list of My Canadian Pharmacy contains 30 thousand items (however, it should be noted that one drug can be repeated dozens of times in different dosages and from various manufacturers). The company works with 50 suppliers. Orders from pharmacies are performed extremely quickly: our customers receive medication the very next morning after the application has been filed. This is one of the main requirements for the distributor, since it has already been mentioned above that most city pharmacies practically do not have stocks of medicines. We use drugs made only in the U.S., in rare cases – in Canada. There is no question of exporting and selling European generic drugs produced in the third world countries, since there are enough of our own resources for the production of substances and preparation of finished dosage forms. By the way, there are a huge number of pharmaceutical companies that produce generics in America.

We use three main ways to compete with highly specialized community pharmacy chains in the supply of special drugs.

  • Creation and promotion of our individual services. For example, a program for mailing drugs.
  • Collaboration with larger specialized pharmacies that may provide additional medical services.
  • Creating alliances. Independent retail pharmacy chains unite in communities in order to get into a highly specialized market.

We work together with doctors, hospital administration, and pharmacy owners to create an effective system to reduce the risk patients taking pills and administering injections. At the same time, we require that manufacturing companies should supply medicines with heightened caution, special instructions, warnings and stickers that could be easily read. Great importance is attached to the creation of more sophisticated computer programs. One of these know-how solutions has been tested by us for several years now. TA pharmacist can check and recheck the prescription written by a doctor by using a computer. The program checks the text of the prescription for errors in the spelling of words, makes sure that the medicine prescribed by one doctor does not overlap with the medicine prescribed by another physician. The results are encouraging.

With the help of computers, pharmacists, doctors and nurses constantly monitor seriously ill patients who are prescribed from 10 to 20 doses of various drugs. Special sensors and computer programs even minor changes in the patient’s condition are immediately recorded and become known to the clinic staff who make the appropriate changes in the course of treatment, in the medication, in the dosage. Enhancement of patients’ safety is possible only by means of the use of new advanced ideas, introduction of vigilance programs due to united efforts of all those on whom health and tens of thousands of people depend. It is necessary to recognize that the prerequisite for the effective functioning of the system of control and suppression of the serious consequences of drug therapy is its comprehensive nature and openness.