The Standards We Adhere To Protecting Your Privacy At My Canadian Pharmacy

Each customer is treated by our organization with a great respect. Therefore, in our Privacy Policy we explain what information we collect about our website users, how this information is proceeded and can be used and what steps we take to keep it secure. In addition, we want to give a notion on customer’s rights and claims. In the even you need to ask additional questions, please, feel free to contact us by email or phone number.

Any personal data we receive from customers is identified as highly important, stored securely and confidentially and is used only for the purpose of improving our service quality and provide necessary response. My Canadian Pharmacy normally does not disclose your personal information to third-parties, except for cases stipulated in the Laws and Regulations of Canada or countries, which resident you are. Please, pay attention, that our website may contain links to other websites provided for you convenient use of the information. We do not bear responsibility for the content published by third parties outside this website.

By clicking “I accept” box during the registration as a buyer, as well as every time you submit a payment and send your personal data to the Legacy Pharmacy, you accept the items described in this Privacy Policy.

Our pharmacy takes all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect customers from unauthorized and/or unlawful processing of their personal data, including information encryption according to most modern SSL-encryption technologies and applicable industry standards.

As you visit My Canadian Pharmacy website, we undertake receiving and processing your personal information necessary to create your account, accept your order, process it and deliver your package. Just as well we keep this data to ensure that we offer you relevant products next time – the selection can be based on your most viewed pages at the site. As far as the payment information is concerned, we do not store it. It exists inside our system as long as it is required to process the order and confirm it. After that it is removed from the system. We do not have access to your financial data directly, as it is securely transferred by the card processing centers.

At the same time, information about the order content, favorites, most viewed products is stored in the system to provide you better service and form the newsletter in case you subscribe for it. This information may be transferred in an electronic way to the couriers who need such facts to deliver the package you ordered.

When you agree to use our website, you accept the risks associated with the Internet connection and admit that our pharmacy is free from the responsibility of information loss unless we break the rules specified in this privacy policy. This Privacy Policy may be edited at any time. Any changes we make are available on this page, so make sure you check it out frequently.