FAQ About Canadian Pharmacy: Information On Medications & Services

Canadian Pharmacy is an online store distributing drugs. It is established for the convenience of customers and provision of high-class service. In this article, we answer the frequently asked questions about online pharmacies in Canada, in general, and My Canadian Pharmacy, in particular, that come through the website and on the phone.


Why choose My Canadian Pharmacy?

At My Canadian Pharmacy, there is one of the most extensive assortments of rare drugs, branded medicines and generics in the U.S. and Canada. We know everything about meds selecting only the best and high-quality solutions for you. The prices are significantly lower than in offline pharmacies. Plus, the delivery of drugs in throughout Canada and the United States is performed on the day of order. We give quality warranty and make a refund or replacement upon request.

Why are generics cheaper at My Canadian Pharmacy?

For the convenience of our buyers, we launched an online store in order to remove the mark-up from the cost of drugs for the rental of retail space which is practiced in ordinary pharmacies. Thanks to this, customers are serviced by reduced staff, and the process of ordering and organizing delivery is automated. We receive generics directly from the manufacturer, reducing their cost through bulk purchases and the absence of intermediary margins.

How to order a drug at online Canadian pharmacy?

Checkout of the necessary medicine can only be through the website with the help of a “basket”, callback or online consultant. After processing the application, an email will be sent to your specified email address notifying of the order, then a call will made within an hour to confirm the order. When making a delivery, a courier will specify the address and convenient time for your delivery by phone.

How can I pay for the purchase at Canadian e-pharmacies?

You can choose any convenient payment method:

  • Credit card;
  • Electronic check;
  • International money order;
  • Personal check.

You can cancel the purchase at any time. To do this, just send a message through the website. During the day, you can also adjust the already placed order.

Do Canadian pharmacies return money with no effect?

Such situations arise very seldom. But you will fully reimburse your costs if you do not get the expected effect from the use of the drugs (or generics, such as Viagra and its generic Suhagra) purchased from Canadian online pharmacies. They always return the money or change it for the goods that were taken before (as a rule, people take a new one, and they are not happy with the effect and say that others took it before, they were better, we change them for free).

Does customer age matter?

The sale of drugs presented in the online store is not allowed to persons under the age of 18 years.

How is customer information protected at Canadian e-drugstores?

Licensed pharmacies guarantee complete security of personal data of their customers and absolute confidentiality. All data received via the online ordering system are processed in special encryption programs that provide 100% protection.

What to do when delivery is delayed?

It is urgent to contact the online pharmacy’s consultant via the website or at the phone number indicated on the webpage. They will definitely find out the reason for the delay and promptly deliver the drug.

What should I do if I made a mistake in specifying an address during delivery?

Contact the consultants of the e-pharmacy you’ve chosen through the website or by phone and your application will be duplicated at no extra charge.

What to do in case of damage of the package or shortage of tablets?

These are extremely rare cases in the practice of online Canadian Pharmacies that are usually associated with defects in the postal service. We do not find out the causes of damage or shortage, but immediately solve the problem in favor of the client – you just need to contact the support service of the online store mylegacypharmacy.com.

How to contact support service of online pharmacies?

The support service is working 24/7. You can ask a consultant a question through a special form, which is located in the lower right corner of the page. Contact the support service is also possible through the website feedback by clicking on the button ‘Order a call’ generally located at the top of the page. In both cases, they will answer you promptly and in detail.

Where are the drugs at Canadian e-stores produced?

The medicines, their generics and devices are offered by the online store are manufactured by well-known Canadian, American, European and Indian pharmaceutical companies. Find more information here.

What kind of generics can I buy at Canadian drugstore?

Through the online store in Canada you can order and buy mainly drugs and generics intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men (increase potency) and increase libido in women.

Why is the price of generics lower than the one of originals?

The developers of the original drugs spent considerable amounts of money on research, testing, advertising, which is reflected in the high cost of brands. Generics are manufactured using ready-made technology which has been developed by companies producing original products. This significantly reduces the cost of production of generics, which is reflected in the price – it is much lower than that of brands, even though the composition includes the same active components.

How do generics differ from original brands?

In terms of composition and action, generic drugs are identical to the brand name of the drug, they differ only in manufacturer and name. The components that make generics absolutely identical with the brand composition. Generics are not fake, as some believe, it is a legitimate practice related to the expiration date of the patent for the original drug. Generics often differ from the brand only in packaging design, color and shape of tablets, which is also considered the norm in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why is generic name different from the brand?

This is due only to copyright: the repetition of the brand name is a violation of the law. But after the expiration of the patent for a brand, other pharmaceutical companies have the right to produce drugs with a completely identical composition, but under a different name. Usually generic drugs are named after active substance of the drug. Thus, the generic Sildenafil is named after the active ingredient of the brand Viagra, both drugs have a completely identical composition.